Shiba Inu: 25% Indians Have Invested in SHIB

Data from Google Analytics has revealed that searchers from India have sent Shuba Inu cryto query searches skyrocketing in the past 90 days. This surge in interest may be linked to the recent survey conducted by ConsenSys concluding that 74% of Indians believed the financial system should be completely overhauled. A startling 38% of Indians between the age of 18 and 65 currently owned crypto assets, while another 21% had done so in the past but had cashed out eventually.

The top crypto assets owned were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Binance Coin, together having a weightage of 69%, 38%, 27% and 27% respectively. Clocking in fifth place was Shiba Inu, with a sizeable 1/4 of the Indian populous investing in the currency, greatly surpassing the measly penetration rate recorded for the U.S. (17%). Reasoning behind reasons to enter the market with most citing curiosity, the call to gain long-term returns, or to diversify their portfolio.

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