Shiba Inu Burn Rate Spikes, But Prices Lag As Whales Move Trillions

Whether those calls to posters will find the support of significant rallies anytime soon remains to be seen.

The burn rate for Shiba Inu might have taken off lately, yet the price of the meme asset is still lagging. Reports indicate that nearly 25 million SHIB tokens were incinerated in only one day. However, onlookers don’t seem to understand why the increase in transactions has not lifted the digital coin out of its slump. Speculation is hard to come by with some supposing that the timing 🕐of the destructive activity doesn’t correlate with price action while others believe the downtrend being witnessed in the entire market is overpowering each and every burn or so-called ‘expression’.

IntoTheBlock also has highlighted massive amounts of blocs of SHIB coins moving between prominent large wallet holders. It appears that more than 4.5 trillion tokens were moved to these accounts over the past two days, which is a 2,300% spike. Notably, only 29 billion tokens registrations from those storage options. Though, pundits can’t agree on why the whales are currently participating in an ‘arms race’ as some clain that this accumulation activity is due to reportings of a prospective connexion while crowdsupporters think this Xiang market rally promotion instead.

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