Shiba Inu: Shibarium Achieves “Ready” State After Additional Tests

The eagerly anticipated Shibarium launch has proven to be quite the challenge for the SHIB development team, lead by none other than master coder Satoshi Kusama being the biggest name. Despite the challenges associated with high traffic, Kusama took the forefront, enabling monitoring functionality and server resets in an attempt to keep the network in peak-performance. Additionally, validators were set to join up and bones were ready to be staked and the Shibpaper ready to be read on the 23rd, but what does the bear market wish to say on the state of Shiba Inu?

Currently, the markets are not speaking kindly of the most popularized 70-themed decentralized project, with SHIB being down 5.1% at the 24 hour count, and a 23.3% loss within the the week’s accounts. Close contenders such as PEPE and more traditional DOGE trails right behind it, sitting at respective losses of 22.3 and 16%, respectively, leaving breeders both new and precocious a bit disoriented with the shrized fortunes.

With the network seemingly performing better than before the issue persists if SHIB will finally manage to break off from the line of reshuffled projects now residing in an equity and liquidity quagmire, allowing the Shibarium and thus, SHIB, to become universally adopted. Whether or not this future sees success mus cautionary opinion remain firm and prevent handlers from patting backs prematurely.

Robert Wilson author
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