Shibburn Offers Alternate Way to Track Shiba Inu Burns as Twitter Suspends its Bot

Shibburn, a widely recognized community-driven Shiba Inu burn tracker on Twitter, found its bot application unexpectedly suspended. Amid this suspension, it has provided an alternative route for the community to track Shiba Inu burns. Shibburn took to Twitter to address the suspension, reaching out to Twitter Support, Twitter Dev, and influential figures such as Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino, the newly appointed Twitter CEO.

In the tweet today, Shibburn strongly believed that the suspension was a mistake. According to a message on the Developer Portal, Shibburn’s app was deemed to have violated Twitter’s rules and policies. However, Shibburn claimed it never received the email containing further details about the violation. Moreover, Shibburn said it faced difficulty submitting a support ticket as no form was accessible. Shibburn stressed that its app had been active on Twitter for two years, adhering to the platform’s guidelines and maintaining a positive presence.

Notably, the automated account provides real-time updates on Shiba Inu burn transactions and necessary statistics. Given that the bot app has been a vital resource for Shiba Inu enthusiasts and the broader crypto community, its sudden suspension has left a void. A survey of Shibburn’s Twitter account shows that the last update about Shiba Inu it posted was 16 hours ago, as opposed to its routine hourly report.

Alternative Route to Track Shiba Inu Burns While Shibburn’s bot was incapacitated and unable to post updates on Twitter due to the suspension, the burn tracker provided an alternative solution for users. In a separate tweet, Shibburn directed users to its official website to access the latest information on Shiba Inu burns. The tracker hoped the issue would be resolved swiftly, restoring its ability to provide crucial updates on Shiba Inu. Notably, Shibburn has been instrumental in capturing Shiba Inu burn reports. Just two days ago, The Crypto Basic reported 341 million SHIB token burn from the market tracker.

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