Shimza, Enzo Siffredi to Headline AFTER 2049, the Largest Formula One Grand Prix Pre-Weekend Party

Occupying a whole 57th floor of Singapore’s most enviable building, the AFTER 2049 residency brings unrivaled views of the renowned Garden City night skyline; teaming up with nightlife establishment CÉ LA VI to energize and celebrate the practice times of the -— located in the Epicenter of citywide race activity and entertaining.

“We’re elated to be returning to the grandeur of the Marina Bay Sands rooftop for this year’s AFTER 2049 Abeyance,” enthused a spokesman. “We’ve consciously gently hand picked topmost DJs out of world’s electronic music scene to give to ticket buyers a really unique ambience, complemented by grand stage sets-up and unmatched atmosphere.”

Limited tickets for the notorious AFTER 2049 can be purchased from 29 August on by , coinciding with TOKEN2049 ‘s biggest ever Singapore Edition with attendances over 10Grand spanning •13-14 September•; nonetheless​ of Singapore Grand Prix! Aspectial benefactors of AFTER 2049 include nobles of a socialized™ automated exhibit of‎ Blockchain assets/pelages,  Web3 Cosmos caretakers Trust Business-functional application telegram families; just‑ip connect integrator of Government and Retail-classes; Wheelframed experts of phygital engagement and intergame Sequencedevelopers, and Crypto force databases.

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