Shytoshi Kusama Drops Important Warning About Minting NFTs on Shibarium

A new era is dawning at SHIB, with their lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, wading into conversation on Shibarium Tech on Discord. During his “mini AMA”, he warned users to do their own research (DYOR) before pursuing possible projects on realizing digital projects on Shibarium, including minting their own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the upcoming Layer 2 Blockchain protocol, which will be freely available to mainstream users upon launch.

Modestly, Kusama confirmed a soon-upcoming ‘Partnershib’ agreement with nascen entities, one of which is currently undisclosed. Details will be released as the Shibarium token gains traction heading into the ETH Toronto event on August 15th–16th.

The enigmatic commander could not help but address Elon Musk on the X APP’s decidedly effort to launch their own services. Kusama launched the overly cheeky SHIB > X equation, literally out-memeing Musk with a jab regarding the all-powerful meme token, DOGE. Soon after, Musk strongly rebuked th rumours and their potential impact on the crypto wider community.

No one can really predict what will transpire over the coming weeks at SHIB as they shuffle things on their mainchain, yet investors should feast their eyes on the sharp maturity of their progress; Kusama shows little quit in what little he has set out to drive over the next few weeks. Much anticipation for what’s next? Let’s take this fasten bet you’ll not be sitting idle!

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