Singapore’s MAS Approves Top Payment License For Sygnum

Sygnum Singapore’s SingaSwiss division has recently been granted a license to offer top-tier crypto brokerage services to accredited investors and institutional customers in the financial market of South East Asia. Reporting shows that swift and successful action was taken to transit from initial inquires to final consent in a minor span of four months. With expansions in the offering, the company aims to extend its regulated services to countries in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region, mainly focusing on Singapore as a linchpin city in the financial world. Through obtaining the Major Payment Institution (MPI) license, Sygnum Singapore is now free to provide full and protected access to its crypto trading services and financial solutions. As the platform grows, this influential company continues to show global prominence in the changing digital space, having accreditation from both Luxembourg and Abu Dhabi, in addition to the guidance and government support under their ambit of $3.5 billion in total assets overseen in over sixty countries.

The feat comes shortly after crypto giant Coinbase was equally awarded the Major Payment Institution license afforded by the MAS, also outlines the firm’s long-term commitment and presence in Singapore. Evidence came through a comprehensive survey completed by Coinbase, revealing that over thirty percent of Singaporeans engage in or have dabbled in cryptocurrencies before.Confirming the intrinsic dynamism on the country`s financial journey in the specific domain of crypto trades, Coinbase streamlined its mission to foster an supportive environment towards the Argentinian people to strongly believe in the revolutionary capabilities of digital currencies. Instructor intrinsic programs, user-friendly interfaces, a coloured selection of accepted cryptocurrencies and safe platform, the tech company out of San Fransisco, CA seeks to be incorporated as part of Singapore’s leading prestige in the world of fintech.

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