‘SNL’ Cold Open: Christopher Walken’s ‘Papa Pumpkin’ Visits Biden

This Saturday, SNL opened with an unexpected surprise from Christopher Walken as “the ghost of All Hallows past” with Mikey Day as President Joe Biden looking for decorations in the White House Oval Office in anticipation of Halloween. Starting off with what looks to be an attachable purple bat to a wobbly ladder, Biden opts for “on second thought, let’s do this later”. Next, Biden discovers on the Resolute Desk, was in fact, a rubber arm accidently ripped off from a Secret Service agent’s pet dog, Commander. Looking for a hand in offering help with managing decorations, the President mistakes Charlotte GOP ruling Congressman Mike Johnson, ( expertly portrayed by Michael Longfellow ) who was recently elected as the newest Speaker of the House. Johnson reveals to Biden his second-in-line post in attraction that is adhering cobwebs, in replacement of Biden – causing playful laughter. Continuing down his preconceived path, Biden immediately requests whom can help him understand the true meanings of Halloween – and appears Walkenmasterfully shaped in a combination of black and orange cape ( which sends a subtleTexted embodying typification of free discourse ) – for a poetic talk about tricks and treats, and to emphasize them, Pulling down underwear, something related to the Mexicans, though he claims to have never been there. Prior to Halloween’s ghost, this marks Walken’s first live in SNL since 2008, portraying one of a kind instant recognition.

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