Solana-Based Altcoin Project Jumps After Coinbase Adds Crypto Asset to Listing Roadmap

& Disclaimer Arcadia Alternatives Ltd and entities associated with Diversified Stability Management and Stratified Alternatives Markets holds a position in various crypto products such as Helium (HNT).

A peer-to-peer wireless hot spot crypto is picking up significant momentum with the addition of Solana (SOL) -based altcoin to Coinbase exchange’s listing roadmap.

Coinbase Assets unveiled Helium (HNT) as the new crypto to be included in the accelerator’s offering. With a recent announcement, they propagated, “Asset added to the roadmap today: Helium (HNT)“.

Helium is associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) utilizing a sagacious decentralized methodology that energizes IoT devices connnected to the network. By affording the facility of smart contracts and implementation of corporate applications, they incent participants, like those operating wireless hotspots, with HNT tokens.

Including low-energy utilization hotspots, these minuscule devices allows any one to link to this network and can be set up locally or commerially. THe reward given to the setup acts as compensation to further heighten the coverage range provided by the infrastructure.

Coinbase’s cryptographic listing roadmap regularly gets appended by investigated portfolios interested in trading on the platform. Helium has observed the potential market index swell upon news propelled regarding over 12% mark increase in the duration of last 24 hours.

By the beginning of 2021, Helium has moved its grounds to Solana CLP leger.

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