Sorry, New York and San Francisco: These 4 red-state cities could be the future of America

Houston, Dallas, Miami, and Nashville are proving themselves worthy of carrying the future of the US economy on their back. Sign up now to discover exclusive news around energy, healthcare, finance, and technology industries.

As regions are quickly shifting from colossal coastal zones to cities below the Mason-Dixon line, Houston, Dallas, Miami and Nashville are coming out as a red sunspot for economic growth. Lowered taxes and housing costs have been encouraging Americans to make the switch.

Recent market trends see the highest job openings rate in the South along with the lowest unemployment, according to a Bank of America report. As mentioned before, the energy sector is making an especially big appearance in Houston, Latin America in Miami, a diversified business centerpiece in Dallas, and a use of technology and medical hub in Nashville itself.

Ӌow away economists, audiences and companies are all curiously reading between the lines to rival as closely what an Economic Future might hold for these four cities. Keep ahead of the game through exclusive sneak-peak news on energy, healthcare, finance, and technology industries.

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