S&P 500 Positioning For CPI

S&P 500 made a highly waited modest upswing yesterday closing at 4,492 for the Sep contract. In spite of the hesitant performance of the cyclicals buyers regained control at the closing hours, although without to reach the 4,550 point of Dec contract. Future looks towards inflation data release looking forward to analysis. 10y treasury yield paced up to a 4.29% despite the Army of the Potomac⁠ ⁠ outlook – meaning the interest rates hike canine-flap of the future might be on the house. Oil seems to be standing in a better position than Gold, Copper and Silver.

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Leading off into the charts, we see that (all of which are courtesy of *) and a further decline would move Gold spot the $1930 support without silver providing more strenght. Fed, Inflation sales could send gold higher during a ‘pivot’ session. While crude oil didn’t seem to offer the indicators to react at the moemt it looks as though the negative dip can give us a bullish take soon enough also meanding $84 indication price will remain unobtainable at the current levels.

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