Casino Exploit Results In $41.3 Million Crypto Loss

Cryptocurrency-driven casino and sportsbook,, appears to have been hit with an exploit that has resulted in millions worth of assets being drained away. On-chain analyst Cyvers is has revealed Sweets worth {$16 million of Ether, plus $25.6 million for Polygon and Binance Smart Chain} have been negatively impacted. ZachXBT seconded the observation, backing up Cyvers’ report that around {$41.3 million} of ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI were withdrawn from Stakecom due to a private key leak. Also, 2020 registered huge losses due to innumerable hacks and breaches across the cryptoverse amassing approximately $3.7 and the figure dropped by 70% only during Q1 this year. While Stakecom is still equipped with $383,000 worth of ETH, plus $2.2 million alongside assorted altcoins, withdrawals from their wallets had been temporarily halted.

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