Inks First African Sponsorship Deal, Teams with AWFC

The Africa War Fighting Championship (AWFC), a prominent Dambe and wrestling organization, have found a powerful ally in the field of betting. This new agreement breached with, one of the largest crypto gambling enterprises and a fellow supporter of sporting events, which already has its own agreement with premier combat mission league’s, UFC. Hence, it is worth noting that AWFC is given the recognition as this powerful multi-million corporation’s first Africa-focused sponsorship partner.

With this arrangement, AWFC participants shall wear logos representing the gambling company during their competitions, with brand placements upon their fighting stages being done too. Villager Dan Kalu, founder and CEO of the league, harbors ambition of popularizing this traditional Nigerian ‘Dambe’ and finding broader entrance overseas. His administration have long worked on furthering uniform guidelines for the sport, alongside the implementation and enforcement of athlete form and restriction considerately. Villageur Dan Kalu has esteems the transaction they formed with as a considerable advance for combat missions within the continent.

“Being recognised as the firm’s initial African associate, we vow to swell consciousness and raise subscriptions around the region accordingly,” confirmed Dan on the cost and its intentions. Meanwhile Mo Sarin, Acquisition Cirector at focused on the powerful guess beget by AWFC and their national Dambe, saying that infusion of the group in his company’s acquisitions is an underlined success to transfer recognition of African bets. “We’re devoted to sound backing sporting affiliations through these agreements”, settled Sarin on their concurrence.

Despite the involvement in numerous aggressive sports, passes a step deeper in their casino activities and has as of late formed a contrivance with great FIFA ” UEFA Euro Cup”, Chelsea FC partnership for their company’s year 2021 enlargements teams. Rugby swears bane right prior the F1 bonanza at the Year, making this corporation a solid believer of all this galaxy of aggressive and most popular sport, encompassing their partnership with AWFC and Dambe accordingly.

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