STRAX Price Soars Over 85% As Whales Increase Accumulation

The soaring value of STRAX in the cryptocurrency markets has intrigued many investors. One issue standing out is the fact that nearly 82% of its total trading volume today is found at Upbit, a trusted exchange platform. Spiking the interest of many is a wallet found owning 1.8 million tokens in the last 12 hours, tantamount to 1.2% of STRAX.

Stratis, the blockchain platform responsible for STRAX, makes its mark by providing businesses the opportunity to develop applications through private blockchains. They offer necessary consulting features to further assist businesses to glide onward.

However, caution must be addressed on traders and investors alike in keeping in mind what could be the outcomes of the substantial token accumulations exploited by whale investors. Therefore, Double-checking on your resources and intensively studying beforehand should me mandatorily carried out when faced with STRAX-related ventures.

Established in 2016, the Startis project takes N O P A I N approach and continues to modify & grow, eyeing its potential in delivering paramount influence for future.

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