Strong US jobs data weakens Wall Street stocks

U.S. hiring exceeded expectations last month with the addition of 199,000 jobs so much that it quashed speculations of an interest rate cut in early 2024, having a direct bearing on bond yields, the overall dollar, and Wall Street stocks. While a rate cut was already largely priced in, the positive figures -including the jobless rate settling at 3.7 percent and wage level increasing by 0.4 percent- doused trader apprehensions of an impending recession. Naturally, stock and cryptocurrency markets which had earlier benefited from expectations of cutting the borrowing costs wavered. Callie Cox of eToro commented that the recent scenario could ‘rock the boat in markets’ leading to a decrease in general confidence. US stocks did not summit becoming lower, while the 10-year US bond yield alongside the strength of the United States dollar performed better, consequently.

The 180% hike rate that worked magical last month serviced as push-pull to a declining taxes also didn’t perform effectively. Investors weighed in factors that ranked with asset value deduction- rallies, intraday, raising devices, crypto, charge dropping initiatives- appear indeed after many phenomena- Autoworkers strikers ended in a whirr among hopes expectations. With happy global event of equities stabilized yet data seem slightly sour.

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