Stuart Alderoty Says Terra Case Changes NOTHING About Ripple Ruling

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, has thoughtfully clarified on top of the recent ruling on the TerraForm Labs’ case that XRP is not a security.

He furthered this statement by explaining how in US District Judge Jed Rakoof’s verdict to reject TerraForm Lab’s approach to dismiss the SEC case based on similarities to Judge Torres’s ruling withhow Ripple sold XRP to investors, did not remain conclusive. The verdict does not change the fact that the cryptocurrency should not be regulated and differentiated based on how it is sold.

Alderoty, in an effort to reduce incongruity in regard to the matter, requested comments and offered in-depth analysis for it from other legal experts. Chief among these is notable lawyer Jeremy Hogan, who dutifully followed up by publishing content which elucidated the development further.

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