Tesla appears ready to take Bitcoin payments again

Tesla has appeared to resume taking Bitcoin payments again after briefly doing so in 2021. The automaker, known for being paramount in the push into the world of sustainable energy, removed its Bitcoin payment option from its offerings a few days afterwards over concerns of energy use for Bitcoin mining being using non-renewable resources. The company noted at the time that they intended to bring the payment method back into rotation if and when the energy mix of the network shifted away from using fossil fuels. Reportedly, Tesla had managed to sell about 75% of its cryptocurrency holdings by the to help counter $1.5 billion of Bitcoin investment losses. Now, according to internet sleuth unearthed code from Tesla’s website over the weekend revealing that the company could be prepping to take Bitcoin as a form of payment, with sources indicating any reintroduction could come as Bitcoin mining had come predominantly past coal-powered energy sources since then.

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