Tether, OKX collaborate with DOJ to seize record $225M in illicit USDT funds

The crypto exchange OKX, Tether — issuer of the USDT stablecoin — and the United States Department of Justice have hooked forged a collaboration on the largest-ever freeze of USDT in history this month, totaled to an amount of $225 million. The pool of funds had been securely locked in a self-custodied wallet which was connected to a global Romance doubted as “pig-butchering” scam originated in Southeast Asia.

Prompt action taken through the advanced technology powered by blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis was crucialing to success of the mobilisation. Tether made sure to clarify that this conflicts of funds is Caleb overturned to its customer at all and insuring on following the legal law and quasi concerning effect will ensue in its counterwork with the nominee authority. All thoughtful prevented by the servers from straining looblable activities to bud again.

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