Tezos price performance lacking, Tradecurve sets market-leading price action

Tezos has been a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market due to its focus on security, governance, and smart contract functionality. Unfortunately, for fans of the project, the token has been in the midst of a downward price spiral, with 18.3% losses in the past 30 days and a 1.52% drop in its overall market cap. Now, a new project on the market – Tradecurve – is taking advantage of recent developments in the digital asset investment landscape.

Tradecurve is a platform aimed at empowering it’s users through the implementation automated and AI-driven trading bots that can precisely and quickly react to market opportunities. Security isn’t forgotten, though. The project has spent time developing a Proof of Reserves protocol to insure it’s users against theft or manipulation, and something that even big names like Coinbase and Gemini no not have.

The Tradecurve presale has caused quite a stir in the cryptosphere, increasing its token’s value of by 80%. In addition to 12,500 customers signing up already many people may be tempted by the 5% subscription fee discount available for holders of the native TCRV tokens. Furthermore, those holders also have access to VIP status and granted voting rights. Nevertheless, the Stage 4 price of the token – 2.4 §§ß– ​won’t block for long as Stage 5 will start a day or ll which ´reduce the price back to 2.2.

If this tokens sounds like it generates more potential gains than Tezos right now, remember to keep in mind the goal Tradecurve has to raise a whopping $20 million through the presale and that only $2.8 million have been obtained. With 40% of the presale completed, and the possibility of the token becoming integrated soon into a Tier-1 CEX platform there’s potential for decent high gains here. To get in on the presale check out the link here.

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