The 3 Tech Skills C-Level Marketers Need


Forbes Leadership CMO Network has appointed Kimberly A. Whitler as Senior Contributor and author of ‘Positioning for Advantage’, professor, and former GM/CMO. Thus putting forth the three tech skills C-Level marketers need to pay attention to – Business Intelligence, Customer Enabling Technologies, and Digital Marketing.

Business Intelligence is a comprehensive input for one’s financials, customer data, and marketing research fleet. Moreover, ‘customer enabling technologies’ will envpolitical customer management and must drag in smarter marketing automation for amelioration.

Digital marketing set-ups ranging from website regalia, and selling drive development as well as emails went through a great blow during the pandemic. Portraying singular terrain morphing strategies as well as prolonged use to marketing involves a new metaphorical way out.

However, this created a sort of ‘digital fatigue’ for the C-suite, thus we may witness a resurgence of offline forums. This demands marketing strategists to stay aware vis-a-vis outdated engagements. Ultimately,enedom of presumes outcomes for the better remarkableness along withstandardization control optimality.

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