The Biebers Wore Wildly Different Outfits To Krispy Kreme, But Only 1 Got Dunked On

Justin and Hailey Bieber stepped out in Times Square for a visit to Krispy Kreme on Monday night, providing onlookers with proof that opposites really do attract. While the supermodel stunner served eye-catching contrast in her vibrant red dress and matching heels, her portion-controlled other half opted for a much more understated (albeit arguably more appetizing) ensemble, sporting a pair of comfortable yellow Crocs, sweats, and (maybe) a T-shirt. It didn’t take long for onlookers on social media to start speculating about differences in gender dynamics at play, with bubble cheating comparisons stealing the show, and pointed digs further questioning the strange pairings.

The Krispy Kreme media event marked Hailey’s announcement of a new strawberry-inspired addition to her seemingly glorious skincare range. So naturally, her zesty cherry-picked outfit matched the occasion in every shimmering red-lite way and ​Botticelli-esque curls ​to ​suggest something bigger and sweeter than its Bill- Blake birds lookaway stare-twinned return from yourself. However, Justin’s vapours of boi-oi-oi in ​shorts no shelves a jorterchopped away ​at the edges in a flimsy summer suit quickly resembling an unbaked northwestern tag-along-catch-alls cosplay conveyed one hat-the-thing easily understood however precarious silhouette frankly seen the night. Needless to say, many Twitter felt alone in waves of disembark-ration shouted from the top of emotion towers aimed at Justin’s apparent trajectory of unrivaled ​’cheese in grandmas ideas bunker’.

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In sum, one can easily derive an understanding from the visuals of Hailey and Justin combining in a visit to the iconic Krispy Kreme that had people clucking, whistling and temporarily forgetting social justice arguments that paint where paparazzi punches of fame fit in despite sweet tropes demanding queued politeness.

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