The Grateful Dead Ties An Impressive Billboard Chart Record With Their New Album

The Grateful Dead has been making history in the music world for decades, and fans won’t rush because of them they even recorded themselves a spot in the Billboard 200 Hall of Fame. This week they’ve done it again, after their Dave’s Picks, Volume 48: Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 11/20/71 album made its debut at No. 33. With 58 top 40 albums on the charts, the San Francisco Chronicle highlights the accomplishment – noting the Grateful Dead are now tied with Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley for the record amount of records made it to the Billboard 200.

The rockers rose to fame after forming together in the early days of the 1960s and changed the outlook on pop music entirely. That popularity never saw too much of a dip since, and their recorded sets have frequently earned them spots on many noteworthy charts, including the one they just capped off. The group officially broke up as but still remarkably work together in different ways.

With theshift to music streaming services the Grateful Dead fans have earned them credit by making sure their music is heard and ranked on the Billboard 200. It doesn’t seem like they’ll ease up anytime soon, as data suggests that each year the band adds on their chart milestone achievements. That puts days around the corner of them smashing another record when they inch up the ranks past Sinatra, most-likely in the early months of 2024.

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