The Office’s Leslie David Baker is giving back all the money for his Stanley spinoff show

Leslie David Baker, perhaps best recognised for his nine-season takeover of NBC’s `The Office` as fan- favourite Stanley Hudson, has recently declared he’s giving back more than $100,000 in donations to the people who supported his endeavour of making a TV spinoff inspired by the character (famously entitled `Uncle Stan`, differing by trading out the suits for Hawaiian shirts and not being property of NBCUniversal). Baker elaborated that pre-production was rolling forward before elucidating it has however, been saddened by the limitations on account of COVID-19 before further faced stiff headwinds due to the SAG-AFTRA strike – leading him to the final decision of returning all finances. An amount of $110,629.81 will be rounded-up; which is reportedly the real cash and not a shed of it was utilized for additions excluding its initial purpose of rewarding those who joined the kit charity and refunds. A reward was executed which embraced lapels, posters, T-Shirts,social media acknowledgements from Baker and etc – accomplished from 1,640 funders which preserved the monetary whirlpool for this project.Interestingly, a discreet document made no statement in regard to `Stanley Nickels`, mentioned in his investment corporation with co-star Sardar Khan,which possibly avoided turnover for its crypto realm.

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