The Open Platform Aims to Pioneer Web3 SuperApp Development Through Wallet Integration in Telegram

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The once renowned First Stage Labs is today rebranding into TOP. As a strategic move intended to align names and missions, TOP is restructuring and merging with the creators of the revolutionary crypto application Wallet -BUILDKite seamlessly integrated into Telegram Messenger. Stressing on the main mission of ‘’introduction of Web3 into pockets of people around the world’’ TOP is now preparing a complete service for users- digital asset management to be as easy as sending a text message.

The product has been developing repidly in the recent months and plans to launch their feature products. In July, they launched a service hotear for merchants in Telegram and all invite-only Developer Beta for their upcoming self-custodial wallet product-Ton Space, worth upto 1000 services signed up. This product is expected to revolutionise global crypto adoption immensely upon launching.

“Today, with a clear vision, a strong team, established partnerships, and secured resources, we are ready to bring Wallet and the entire TON ecosystem to the world. We anticipate that Wallet will propel global crypto adoption to an unprecedented level,”

says Andrew Rogozov

Also integrated is TOP LABS- Venture-building division of The Open Platform. This continues the former strategy or First Stage Labs, with the portfolio consisting of TON, Tonkeeper, openbuilder, and many other products.

The above synergy is expected to be undermined today, run seemed to share a covertive vision ensuring that the entire Web3 system can be improved. The earlier leadership status of the company with Andyawk one owner is greatly appreciated.


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