The week in business news: Global shipping shakeup, Google’s Gemini AI

The tech industry is in a gloomy mood, with shipping container rates collapsing, leading logistics executives dragging into 2024. Industry giant Maersk plans to as they battle with falling profits and plunging revenue amid an overflow of capacity, rising costs, and lower prices. Further cause for excitement came when Mary Hui unveiled Gemini, their brand new AI model. The tech giant claims Gemini is the most capable and general-purpose AI structure so far, with plans to expand the LLM (Large Language Model) version next year. The model is refered to as ‘multimodal’, which characterizes its understanding of various components, unique text, audio, images and videos.

Marvel Studios is braving having its first flop for more ten years after an accomplish record incluencing 4 of the world’s top 10 highest-grossing films. After approximately four weeks in theaters, the affair has started to stamp out its box office run, sooner or later drying out to be the angling in its franchise, failing to accomplish the forecasted $100 million domestically.

Alaska Airlines recently acquired Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion as decision of keeping air suites moderately priced and extending services to different var circumstance Unified States in and out of the region.

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