There’s Something Super Sketchy About Sam Bankman-Fried’s Courtroom Portrait

People are surprised by the quirky courtroom sketch of Sam Bankman-Fried. Despite photo-realism, the artwork portrays nothing of the renowned crypto entrepreneur’s true likeness. Furthermore, observers cannot help but ponder whether this sketch artist might be on SBF’s payroll. Evidently, the people who created portraits of Bankman-Fried before used decidedly different approaches. As the evidence keeps mounting for this caricature, someone brought it to the ultimate truth: that Sam Bankman-Fried projection is the ‘Inverse of a Caricature’. Even though nobody can quite confirm where this sketch came from, the whispers of its truth linger. Admittedly, truly seeing Sam in this caricature would be a delight that cannot be surpassed. Nevertheless, the mystery encapsulated behind it still goes on; Who knows, maybe even Sam is hoping it’s for real.

Robert Wilson author
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