This Crypto Analyst Predicts Ethereum’s Undervalued Rival To Surge To $7 In Coming Weeks

Prominent crypto strategist The Crypto Dog predicts that Ethereum’s rival, Near Protocol NEAR/USD could become a top 10 largest crypto asset. According to The Daily Hodl, the analyst shared his insights with his 750,500 followers on X Social Media Platform on Monday, predicting that Near’s current state of undervaluation means the asset is primed for growth. Crypto Dog believes backed by its advanced technology, Near’s strong capitalization, as well as potential retail FOMO may be enough propelling force needed for the asset to reach the top.
Explaining his prediction, the strategist suggested that the asset will rise in value by more than 86%, with a price target of $7. Aside from this, Crypto Dog predicted further growth for Ethereum’s competitor Solana SOL/USD after its diagonal resistance was successfully broken.
Regarding Bitcoin, the strategist postulated that a major jump on price volatility may bead a tying factor to a spot market BTC exchanged trade concept. The daily Hodl noted that regarding any confusion surrounding this riding, he gave further advise to long-term investors to act on any potential drops in Bitcoin’s current rate.
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