Today Is The Inaugural National Hazy IPA Day. Celebrate With Some Juicy Brews.


Celebrating National Hazy IPA Day on August 17 2023

August 17, 2023 is a historic day, as it marks the inaugual National Hazy IPA (New England IPA / Juicy IPA) Day! On the heels of National IPA Day, hazy IPA is becoming a popular style of beer due to its less-bitter taste and emphasis on citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

In fact, two of the largest beer competitions in the world – the 2023 World Beer Cup and the 2022 Great American Beer Festival – saw an increase in “Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale” submissions in the category.

Industry giants such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. are at the head of the pack; they launched the first nationally-distributed hazy IPA, called Hazy Little Thing – and are also celebrating it with special discounts at their Chico, CA and Mills River, NC taprooms, as wells as experimental hazy IPAs available just for this day.

For beer lovers thirsty for hazy IPA, here are six brews made especially for this occasion! Take your pick from the top selections – try Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing, Lunar Brewing’s Anhyzerand, Highlandeb Iron’s High 9 Double IPA, White Rock Alehouses IPO IPA, City Barrel’s RAD AF IPA, and Corn Coastt’s Citra Soaker, all named the best hazy IPAs in the world and America respectively at the 2023 World Beer Cup and the 2022 Great American Beer Festival.

No matter which you choose, National Hazy IPA Day on August 17 2023 gives beer people a bit more to celebrate – so don’t let the opportunity pass, join in the celebration!

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