Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Hints For Thursday, August 17

Today’s Forbes Innovation Quordle presented Keega enthusiasts with four five-letter puzzles to guess. In order to help, here are the hints and the answers for Thursday, August 17. Clue 1: relating to past times, usually a long while ago (”back in the [blank] days…”)
Solution 1: Olden
Clue 2: “Jenny Don’t Be [blank],” a very catchy Paolo Nutini song. Also an adjective for carrying out a task with excessive urgency.
Solution 2: Hasty
Clue 3: grown-up
Solution 3: Adult
Clue 4: Popeye’s lover
Solution 4: Olive

Players getting stuck trying to grind through the Quordle game now have the answers to each word and the helpful hints as well. Enjoy the immersive nature of the gaming experience and have a super Thursday.

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