Toniq Labs Launches Bioniq Bitcoin NFT Marketplace

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Toniq Labs has launched Bioniq, a new Bitcoin-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, to provide lightning-fast Ordinals trading on the Internet Computer. Web3Auth, an authenticator protocol allowing log-in access exclusively through email addresses, drastically increases the security of assets as users manage the private keys themselves. Utilising ICP’s native Bitcoin integration helps facilitate easy buying and selling of Ordinals plus Inscriptions, especially as fees on Bitcoin transactions rises due to higher activity and more of its BRC-20 tokens being created and used. Orders of magnitude according to a Dgtl Assets report place 45+ million Ordinals inscriptions in just Bioniq’s market, demonstrating the speed at which it is being adopted. Backed by Web3-focused investors such as Polychain Capital and debuting with zero fees, Bioniq’s CEO Bob Bodily in anticipation of launch drew a comparison of user friendliness to overcome BTC blowback:

“No major platform or marketplace has been developed yet dedicated to supporting the Bitcoin [showcase] on a separate Layer-1 without gas or network fees that can scale…Bioniq from the ground up as the fastest and easiest-to-use Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace, making the whole process as convenient, user-friendly, and secure as possible”,

providing a promising peek into the sheer potential of this rapid-response provider.

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