Top Analyst Forecasts XRP Price Surge to $11, Says $1.5M Market Cap is Attainable

AJ from BitBoy Crypto’s YouTube channel has issued some eye-opening estimates at the future price of XRP following a major legal victory. AJ indicated a favourable scenario of $6 to $11 by 2025 depending on the supply and circulation of tokens. Elements such as the XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol, inflation vs deflation rates, and an escrow program releasing 55 billion XRP coins are all considerations for AJ’s bullish attitude towards XRP tokens. AJ refers to the all-time high for XRP, which had a circulation volume of diminutive over 38.7 billion and a market capitalisation surpassing $130 billion. The situation presently sees the token around $0.74 with a volume of slightly above 52.5 billion and a total capitalisation at roughly $39.2 billion. This simple calculation reveals that if XRP were to achieve its prior peak market capitalisation amount then it would be a gain of more than 183% at roughly $2.23 per XRP coin attained. To get to the range from AJ’s prediction of $6 to $11, the capitalisation requires to accumulate $90 billion and exceed $350 – $642 billion. Alternatively, BitBoy projected XRP potential to hit the level of $7 to $25 whereas SJ sees the number possible of $1.5 trillion collective market capitalisation for XRP, a staggering 13x increase, potentially laying the way to a strong case of buying XRP around $25/coin.

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