Top Expert Explains Why Investing in XRP is Not for the Weak, Encourages Diamond Hands

Admin of a popular XRPL-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, XSTIK has shared his outlook on XRP, amidst its undeniable regulatory challenges known to obstruct growth. Brett Hill, a UK dweller serving the XSTIK community made it certain that based on the sporadic market demeanour of the crypto asset, XRP is not suitable for those investors with a impatient or ‘weak hands’. Hill later vouched that developing a ‘diamond hands’ temperament seems go be the key to profiting substantially from the altcoin – pleading XRP aficionados to retain an optimistic attitude despite the downtrodden of the US SEC’s predicament.

In light of the initiative tackling the lingering regulatory struggles, different responses from members of the XRP clan manifested. Though contradicting perspectives got debated over the subject, similarities in opinion could be seen among folx. Take Stacy, a crypto trader for example – She emphasised to not making decisions out of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), about the flood of positive speculations of XRP mentioning it could reach a price as hefty as $250. Contrary, Stacy noted that XRP has not kept stride with the vigorous bull market that ran through other crypto assets, stating their predominant potential of gaining Return of Investment (ROI). Furthermore, Jonathan Wilbur, the creator of XRPlumbing interweaved with the opinion Hill aimed an invocation toward crypto capitalists to stand steady in order that, profit comes solely after much endurance and subdued ambition are attained.

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