Top Influencer Envisions XRP Rocket Surge to $15 and $35. Here’s the Catalyst and Timeline

Ben Armstrong, famous in the crypto world as “BitBoy” and widely respected for his insights and astute predictions into the digital asset market, recently shared his outlook on XRP’s price trajectory. According to him, XRP could reach a benchmark of $15 in the next 18 months—a mind-blowing increase of 1,729% from today’s prices. But Armstrong feels the asset’s growth potential could go much further with Ripples’ Initial Public Offering triggering it to skyrocket all the way to $35, almost a 4,168% raise.

Acknowledging XRP’s unpredictable market forces, BitBoy assured sentiment could bring it past its historic high. Showing confidence in XRP’s growth momentum, the YouTuber pointed to the recent lawsuit win by Ripple and the subsequent surge in trading volumes peaking at 4 million trade/minute globally. Currently, XRP is above its $0.80 considering the strong market demand and this pushed the asset to the threshold of $0.8286.

Armstrong’s optimism was humbly triggered by an external observer, Evan Lutha noted how XRP has beaten out BTC in terms of monetary conversions since the ruling. Despite the high possibility that the SEC could still appeal, which could stunt the continuation of this urge, BitBoy remains adamant in his forecast. It is within reason to anticipate changes the accompany a successful IPO that could potentially bring XRP far higher than predicted.

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