Trademark attorney predicts legal fights ahead with Twitter’s rebrand to X

Below Despite the complications caused by the name change, trademark attorney Josh Gerben has mentioned that the company formerly known as Twitter could spend as much as $100 million in dealing with all accompanying courtooms stemming from the rebranding.

Across the board, the newly rebranded social media platform “X” created by former Twitter CEO Elon Musk is set to undergo a variety of changes, the most notably the end of the 17-year reign of its beloved blue bird logo. In a July 25 X thread, trademark attorney Josh Gerben noted that civil litigation over the rebranding could appear in US courtrooms “in the next few weeks,” with infractions related to international trademark infringement posing a “very big issue” for years to come. Gerben further suggested that X Corp may be setting itself up for an expenditure upwards of $100 million in coping with legal implementation. The costs associated with defends against lawsuits from companies who already own similar “X” logos present another issue, as does President Musk’s potential lack of responsibility in sticking with the formerly widely-recognizable Twitter branding.

At present, it appears the Twitter name will still remain visible in the site’s search bar record as well as the famous ‘tweet’ button and accompanying count. On July 24, President Musk was inquired as to his reasons behind solidifying a name switch mid-pandemic, with many speculations placing on his game-changing acquisition sanctioned in October 2022 worth a jaw-dropping $44 billion price tag. Oddly enough, Musk actually tweeted out that he would in May while users of the platform remain more apprehensive of the “X” symbols’ potential inflated costs and logistical relocation from San Francisco headquarters.

Altogether, major software adaptations due to the rebrand as well as a surprising number of court proceedings related to the issue will be a tricky, and potentially resource straining for the tech mogul’s latest business venture. Only time will tell as it is largely up the organizations who already hold similar “X” trademarks as to how the event between numerous parties will be settled, however as of current, it looks as if Musk may swiftly be regretting ceasing employment at this trendy social media giant.

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