Trader Issues Warning on Altcoin That’s Up Over 360% Year-to-Date, Updates Outlook on Bitcoin and Pepe

The widely followed crypto analyst, Altcoin Sherpa, has issued a warning to his budding army of 196,100 Twitter followers regarding the image-synthesizing ecosystem, Render ( ), which has more than quadrupled its value this year. He senses that if the crypto king, Bitcoin ( ), dips below $30,000, this altcoin might suffer a serious dip that could potentially take it down to near $1. Nevertheless, depending on whether Bitcoin holds the support point of the $30,000 range, Render could, possibly, range trade in a band between the upper boundary of $2.50 and a lower bound of $1.90 until October. As this begins to take shape Render is trending at $1.96; an 367% increase since its end of 2022 figures of $0.418.

Additional to predictions about Render, Altcoin Sherpa has identified a possible cost increase for the memecoin , Pepe ( ). He has formulated signals derived from indicators like the High Volume Node (HVN) and Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) which reveal that Pepe could possibly hit the .50 Fibonacci bevel of $0.00000235. At present time trading is valued at $0.00000158 – a 1.9% move amongst the last 24 hours.

The analyst is less-than optimistic about the future of the Bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Cash ( ), where he believes $250 is what this token could eventually fall below. Right now it is trading at a nominal rate of $282, a 0.5% appreciation in the last 24 hours.

Finally, Altcoin Sherpa put pulls focus on Zcash ( ), sharing it has been on a spell descent since November, meeting continually lower highs and lows. Trading at around $29.74, the token has experienced a 2.9% decrease during the last 24 hours.

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