Trader weighs in on possible Bitcoin price drivers for remainder of 2023

In its 10th episode, Crypto Trading Secrets had prominent trader Michaël van de Poppe take center stage. With sportsmanlike finesse on his Twitter handle @CryptoMichNL, van de Poppe resonated with more than 650,000 followers, and appeared to have plenty to say about the future of Bitcoin (BTC) this 2023. Host Benjamin Pirus established an agreement on the role of US regulatory clarity towards the markets from van de Poppe’s analysis. The EU MiCA framework, which was recently endorsed, was remarkably an underlying factor for Poppe’s thinking. “I think the U.S. is behind, nevertheless the more clarity whose given, the more liquidity will synergistically prime the markets,” recited Poppe.”

Zooming out from even the estimated economic conditions, macroeconomics forecasts scherzo the reason why Bitcoin’s sequence may unfold manifestly in the coming months – this included resultants from stimuli packages prices of US rent figures and unemployment statistics. To quote van de Poppe; “ we need to uncover whether Bitcoin climbs or develops into an unforeseen plague in the wall of economic woes from the recession.”

It wasn’t all Bitcoin trade talk, as the podcast wrapped up with van de Poppe’s peripeteia of childhood ventures into stock market trading, filling an educational background for adult dealings today. Supporters of Crypto Trading Secrets can keep up on more tales on Cointelegraph presented podcast page, as well as on the other contributed media such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and TuneIn.

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