Trading Volume of Coinbase’s Base Tops $200 Million Thanks To Memecoin Degens

“I’ve never seen such astronomical growth for a recently launched project like this. I capitalized on the herd mentality right away and made multiple times the initial investment. As expected, the growth won’t last forever,” tweeted cheatcoiner.

Base, the layer-2 blockchain created by , marked a huge milestone today due to the surge of trading activities and activities trading network volume. This exciting rally has been attributed to the apparition of a few first-time crypto symbols and believers who were keen to succeed with no background research. Social websites such as Twitter have allowed crypto enthusiasts and whales to monitor those bad businesses measuring gain from simple spending courses using the transparent code. The network-bridge was set for release on 9 August, 2023, when loads of shrewd traders with the yearning for tremendous returns on capital obtained through resources in-house swapping like LeetSwap registering a whopping $233 million over the past day alone. Simultaneouly, those acting on creative choice utilized the competing decoding certified concurrency envelop – RocketSwap -logging off figures of $4.5 million throughout the blissful times. The course adopted by Base in the past day has grasped 536,000 trades due to users vouching for legendary tokens likes BALD, OPTISM, COIN and BASED. A 33,000 ETH or 61.9 million USD investment has been initiated. Though traders worldwide faced problems regarding assurance and intergerrity of BALD trading for it was hovering notions of conspiracy some reassuring words still were issued by Leetswop, which was pithily clarified all over.

The most striking yet no less inspiring work goes to the skilled trader entitled ‘Cheatcoiner’ tapping a not so trivial payout for his creative stakeholders. Traded upon on highly capable BALD token with no more than input investment of 500 USD saw a prospect of scoring 500 thousand to his credit opening the idea of earnings miracle out of thin air apart of personal analytical research. The jubilant hashtag holder uploaded ‘There pops up a scope for me to earn and accelerate spendings provided I manage to join the crowd morale efficiently’.

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