Trump NFT collection takes hit after Colorado ballot removal

After the Colorado Supreme Court made the call to bar former President Donald Trump from the 2024 election ballot, the market capitalization and trading volume of his NFT collections have taken a hit.
According to data from OpenSea, Collection Series 1 dwindled by 11%, with the floor price dropping from its current price of 0.1505 ETH or $333 bullion at present. Furthermore, the trading volume of the collection dipped to a mere $16,000 figure for the ongoing period.

Making matters worse, the floored price of Trump’s second NFT collection was reported to have gone up by a marginal 4% from 0.03450 ETH to the current rate of $76 USD. But this was edged out by the present day trading volume, dwindling as much as 12% to hit the $21,032 mark.

The arrival of dueling collection; dubbed the ‘Mugshot Edition’ with physical memorabilia post and inspired by the former President’s arrest; however, has been far from exciting. Sales have caused a shoebox whiff, returning rather paltry figures of $500 over the past day – considering the low convenience of gathering data from CryptoSlam earnings.

But despite the backlash and dwindling figures making hit news, Trump still remains a top prospect to be voted into 1024 election, according to the present-day secondment stats. We can only to keenly anticipate the yearningness to keep up with the drama that surrounds following days.

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