UFO hearings spawn a shitcoin rush with over 50 newly created alien-themed tokens


Are extraterrestrials able to thrive in the crypto realm? It’s too soon to make a firm prediction, but apparently alien-related cryptocurrencies have been breeding quite quickly. Data from a DeFi platform offering price graphs of tokens from decentralized exchanges (DEX) suggested that over 50 alien-inspired retro-coins appeared during the last 24 hours. Tokens like Alien or UFO, which offer low liquidity levels or low holder numbers, may allure crypto traders to make an investment. Nevertheless, some ET-related tokens can boast with a slightly longer history–connecting to initiatives attempting to validate its goal and value. $LIFE token, linked with the concept of Proof of Alien Life (POAL) in October 2022, is one of the strongest cases to be considered. There’s an online website available under the proofofalien.life domain, claiming to serve “as a front door accessing the hottest news and dialogue surrounding the phenomenon of UAP/UFO”. The communicational strategy encourages those in a possession of riveting UFO photos and people participating in associated discussions, to name only a few, to simply be “rewarded with native $LIFE token”. In spite of the declared solemnity of the underlying cause, all attributed Twitter accounts of the designated public relations manager appear to be canceled. DexTools lists an enormous selection of alien-linked tokens, placing most in the realms of marginal credibility.

Further investigation of the background conditions explains the new trend of the UFO scenario taking playing its part in the eco-system of decentralized finance. Impelted bya series of exposures focusing on investigations conducted by the US Pentagon, connected to UAP reveals, and results of an unclassified report by US director of National Intelligence, revealed in Juny 2021, developed as a responsce to 444 cases classified as Ufologic, finallyed being enforced by another so-called “congress hearing” conducted by House Intelligence Subcommittee gathering US military leaders. This particular days saw interviews with former intelligence directors couretionking governement institutions of cover-up attempts, including the ubiquitous undertaking to reverse engineer of crashed-down uapry into powerful ndward fniduisp onehselbi that ifac-.

For certain, such fresh scandals ocanomfy the directinr of hugesti inve t would future waves. Start prepping, Newbie Traders!

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