Unknown Wallet Receives 287 Billion SHIB From Bankrupt Crypto Lender: Details

Barely a few weeks after that Shiba Inu Whale moved 3.8 Trillion SHIB to two unknown wallets, Lookonchain, an on-chain analytics outlet, took to Twitter to expose how Voyager, the bankrupt crypto lender, seems to be shifting a considerable amount of Shiba Inu tokens to unknown wallets. As of the time of filing this report, the motive behind Voyager’s alleged move remains unconfirmed, but based on speculations, it could be a plan by the bankrupted crypto trader to reopen customer withdrawals.

A recent tweet on Lookonchain’s verified account revealed that creditors on the bankrupt crypto lender’s withdrawal facilities would gain access to their crypto holdings, which include Shiba Inu; the offer will run between June 20 and July 5. Notably, the latest offer to access crypto holdings on Voyager’s withdrawal facilities is coming after Voyager made a move to stop all deposits and withdrawals when it discontinued its primary operations in July 2022.

In addition, Looksonchain shared a link to the renowned Ethereum blockchain explorer Etherscan, which exposed Voyager’s newest transfers involving Shiba Inu. Per data obtained from the Ethereum blockchain explorer, the four most recent Shiba Inu transactions incurred 70 billion Shib tokens each. These tokens got moved from the address specified ‘Voyager 1’ to an unknown wallet. Although, an earlier transfer already moved 70 million SHIB tokens to a mystery wallet, which brings the total lost coins to approximately 287 billion.

In other developments, revealed that about 2 billion SHIB tokens were moved to unknown addresses and other decentralized exchanges from prominent wallets and exchanges like Coinbase, Hotbit, and Binance.

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