US Bans Pharmacy Rite Aid From Facial Recognition Use

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Business: US Bans Pharmacy Rite Aid From Facial Recognition Use

Pharmacy chain Rite Aid has been instructed to cease using its facial recognition technology for the upcoming five years by a U.S regulator, which found that the tech falsely identified customers as potential shoplifters. The case is relevant to the worries connected to the huge integration of artificial intelligence, particularly facial recognition, as its potential for misidentifing or discriminating against individuals of color and/or women.

“Rite Aid’s careless utilization of facial recognition systems left its customers claws facing humiliation and other harms,” stated Samuel Levine, Director of Consumer Harms at the Federal Trade Commission.

From 2012 to 2020, Rite Aid utilized facial recognition for flagging returned shoplifters and different disruptive patrons. On the contrary, the technology falsely dubbed countless customers to match person that had been previously detailed as a thief or other disruption.

In supplementary to the banishment, the FTC asked the group, along with any other correlated companies to delete any/all all remnants of collected data employed with the program. Rite Aid remarked that the organization was “pleased to get to an amalgamation with the FTC” and explicit its heartening to placing the situation to napiece once and for all.

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