US Lawmaker: Ripple and XRP Victory Against the SEC is a Wake-Up Call to Action for Congress

Mike Flood, a gifted United States House of Representatives member, has recently lauded the success of Ripple over its victorious battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has finally designated XRP as a digital asset. In a tweet, Flood praised the court’s ruling as a monumental turning point. He highlighted that with the disposal of SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s oppositions against XRP, it is now necessary for Congress to intervene in areas where the securities administrator has fallen short. Flood requisitioned a “comprehensive digital assets framework” that brings regulatory lucidity, promotes advancement, and safeguards American investors. He said that with such resources, a foundation can be established that will “provide ample-needed assurance for ventures and investors analogous, and help to ensure that the United States remains a global leader in the virtual asset surroundings.”

It resonates in recent memory when Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also called for categoric crypto regulations. In a latest examination, Garlinghouse stated that the court’s ruling “undermines the SEC’s rationalisation that most tokens are by birth securities.” He further conveyed that the ruling “should act as an admonition for Congress” to pass accurate regulations for the crypto market.
Essentially, the demand to create precise crypto regulations is becoming consummately boundless. To build on this, the previous month elucidated the risks of unregulated digital assets markets. The Biden Administration too has called for precise regulations, depleting the US House Commission to deliberate a bill that proposes classifying digital assets as products. With an intensifying urging for categorical regulations, it is expected that Congress will rapidly consume measures. This possesses certainly potential growths for crypto, as it promises to bear legislative validations for businesses and investors alike.

The two main thoughts for sanctioning digital resources are counter claimed. In the wake, the SEC supposes most crypto assets to be securities, however the CFTC claim they, in turns, should be qualified as products. The decision of the US House Committee’s voting-based on the bill to classify digital assets as products carries major ramification for future crypto regulations in the US. If supported, extensive readability will be broadcasted on the crypto realms projects and with the respective statutory-completion etiquette virtually briefed. Simultaneously, investors will be warranted with an extended justified trust in digital currencies, knowing said assets are unswervingly protected. But if the monograph is annulled, the SEC will mismanaged their unwarranted concept of digital assets being primarily securities, further delving us with equivocalness and staining originality. All in all, the tendency of a cut and shirt opinion from Congress concerning crypto regulations is, ineffectively, imminent.

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