US Prez Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Bought 2 Bitcoin Each For My 7 Kids

The US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making his way, becoming one of the popular figures supporting the use of Bitcoin. He recently got the spotlight, while making history as the first Presidential Candidate to accept Bitcoin as part of his campaign donations. His views on crypto investments caught the eye of the masses when Kennedy Jr. spoke up at a Wednesday Twitter Space about his decision to invest two Bitcoins for each of his seven children. He considers this as an inflation-proof currency to achieve greater freedom than what holding fiat currency could come with.

In addition to unveiling his investments, Kennedy Jr. embarked by speaking on the need for eliminating capital gains tax and encouraging the general public to go beyond them. He expressed his belief on how Bitcoin investments can help lift the world’s poor out of poverty, potentially with a lack of restrictions such as centralized controls and government interference.

Leading crypto influencers participated in the Twitter space , who vouched for the need of self-custody Bitcoin that only the US citizens should have access to. This comes, after promises by Kennedy Jr. wherever he would back the US dollar with Bitcoin and bring down taxes levied on it in 2023.

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