US Says Still No ‘Pathway’ To Get Jailed Journalist Home From Russia

The White House has confirmed that contrary to prior expectations, there is still no “clear pathway” towards recovering U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich from Russia. The Kremlin had stated earlier that they had been in talks with the United States at an “high level” to discuss a resolution. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor has made it clear that all previous efforts have statistically been unsuccessful so far, saying that discussions had produced “no clear pathway to a resolution”. He further expressed the severity of the journalist’s detention, which was on espionage charges, and urging citizens to “keep faith”. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reinforced Sullivan’s statements, making it evident that Gershkovich is being held to leverage the government for his American background.
Amidst this ongoing issue, residents await an easier resolution with much hope.

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