US stocks trade mixed to close out tough August as traders brace for jobs report


US stocks closed August more mixed on Thursday, capping off four-days of treading water but ultimately ending the month in the red. Despite a boost from the ban of inflation in the July Personal Consumption Expenditures index, S&P 500 descended 1%, with the Dow and Nasdaq down 2%. Investors looked to Friday’s job report for guidance as it will affect the Fed’s next policy move.

Early morning gains teetered at the closing bell, though markets made considerable progress since mid-month, shorting surplus loses. A steady disinflation nonetheless limited triumphant releases form the Federal Reserve.

“The PCE index has showed ascertained stabilization, yet lamismal core inflation continues to be fickle influencing the Fed’s lible stance,” LPL chief Global Strategists Quincy Krosby specified on Thursday. “We vividly observe an emergent clarity yet falls under preordained conclusions remain naked.”

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