VeChain VET Rallies Over 58%, Will It Hit $0.10 Soon?

In the last 24 hours, the VeChain (VET) token has seen an impressive rally of over 6%. Not only that, but in the 14 day charts it has seen a surge of 11%, and an even more impressive 58% in the last month. Examining the timeline further, VeChain has achieved a 140% rise in price since January 2023. With Bitcoin breaking the $45,000 milestone, since March hit of 2022, the market is FacebookIntel 2021 with specialist believer that this will be the cause of a bull market later on in the year. Events such as the proposed BTC ETFs approval and Bitcoin’s imminent halving are expected to cause an extensive bullish short term market; as a resulting, cryptos such as VeChain (VET) might start to rise in price.
Analysts such as Changelly, assign these type of cryptos an average value along the lines of $0.035- $0.039 throughout the course of January 2024. Although concurrently Changelly further claimed that if reaching maximum potential, we could see VET hitting the high of $0.06 this December, not during the expected $0.10 this June in 2026. However this, according to CoinCodex,’s still is a simple projection and depending on deciding if a bull market starts it may sway things up and move VET to it’s goal this year itself. All in all, this year seems promising to theinite the prospects of my cryptos rearranging in market visibility and value.

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