VeChain: What Is a Weekly $100 Investment Since Launch Worth?

When VeChain (VET) started trading in 2017, the token was valued at around $0.24; however, this value soon dropped to $0.024 in the mid-2018 before it began to climb back at the end of 2021 and reached an all-time high of $0.28 in April 19. If a $100 investment into VET had been places weekly from 2018 onwards, the portfolio today would be valued at $39,837.66 and have seen a growth of 50%. But had the same amount been paid since 2018 and up until the all-time high this May, the portfolio now would be at a monstrous $495,537.34 – a growth of 3625%.

At the present, VeChain is almost 94% down from its ATH. Nevertheless, it is still respected as a project within the cryptosphere; It was its high-profile collaborations with Amazon and other firms regarding environmental and climate issues that has kept attention focused on it. Considering this, there have mixed expectations amidst spectators as to if VET will be able to reclaim the $0.10 level again soon.

End-of-decade, VET could reach the $0.30 threshold. But, when it comes to matriculating $0.10, that could take longer, possibly until 2028. Still, the crypto world operates in tumultuous ways; a crypto market rally may be en route in the future based on upcoming developments from the SEC with regards to a Spot Bitcoin ETF and the halving of Bitcoin next year. These two could give the project a much welcome price bost much sooner.

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