Voyager Digital Customer Data Hacked Amid Bankruptcy Process, VGX Down 10%

Customers of Voyager Digital recently received news that they were victims of a scam while trying to access their bankruptcy payouts. Darren Azman, an attorney from the firm revealed that it had over $490 million of remaining assets ready to be distributed, yet some customers were taken advantage of in a fraudulent scheme. A court hearing ensued where it was discovered that scammers had set up fake websites, offering deceptive payouts while simultaneously linking their non-Voyager crypto wallets to a new account. Unfortunately, when individuals added their details, the funds were instantaneously drained. Criminal investigators entered the scene after the immoral scam put a lot of people in jeopardy. They are currently tracking down those responsible. Voyager Digital ran into financial difficulty in July 2020, had its app reopened recently, givings its customers a window of 30-days to collect what was left. Azman declared that signals of activity were apparent, however did emphasize that “relatively few” of those involved suffered serious consequences.

The sensitive nature of the incident has seen many shaken out, victims have come out not knowing how to handle the madness that has already transpired. Confidence has certainly been knocked in the project token, losing 10% of its value in the wake of the happening. VGX is trading at $0.17, but times could get back on track in the near future for the crypto currency, with justice already one step closer.

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