Voyager’s Token Transfer to Coinbase Sparks Sell-off Suspicions

Voyager Digital’s recent large-scale movements within the cryptocurrency space, such as transferring 1,500 Ether (ETH) and a massive 250 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokensworth a combined value of over $5 million have sent shockwaves through the knowledgeable investor community. With activities such as this, speculation has been aroused as to why this sudden deposit occurred, what strategy lays behind these moves and the overwhelming thoughts of a sell-off incoming.

Just days after the blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain attested that the previous platform’s partner – Binance.US liquidated over $56 million in digital properties, online retailers too started questioning Voyager’s divestment of almost $10 million worth of SHIB, VGX, ETH, and Link Chain tokens in February.

Amid guesses hinting at a simplification of token transfer procedures and wallets, costing efficiency may come into play; the phrase “precaution is better than cure” could indicate that Voyager’s current components are simply an additional measure of military insurance.

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