Whales Boost ARB Token When Continuously Accumulated With Price Aggression

A prominent whale has lately added 2.28 million ARB tokens to their wallet, amounting to an estimated $1.86 million USD, with FalconX being the platform through which the transfer was made. Prior to this leap in purchasing power, the token had hit a wall at the mark of $0.74 USD experienced on September 11th – something that correlated with the global dip of Bitcoin beneath $25,000. This slide has since been reversed however, with initial competition to purchase at $0.87 moving on to an eventual stabilization at $0.82.

These recent surges can also be linked to the assertive acts of Arbitrum – an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution. This month has included the launch of the leader’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) mainnet moving onto the Arbitrum One chain; neatening up the user-experience and beckoning more developer investsion. These Chainlink-enabled advancements paid largely into the significant growth of the ARB propelled by both entities aiming to safeguard Etheruem’s congestive architecture from harsh transaction fees. Impermanant Loss, an investor’s automation security tool recently implemented, works to mitigate commonly assumed risk factors for large scale deals inviting potential whalers to further explore the capabilities of the deal. Moving forwards, the morale of ARB users and connecting affiliates towards a lucrative environment is an initial that ferries great string of prospects and receits budding significance throughout the full scope of the network.

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